Hear From the Best in Business

The 2024 Kimmell Foundation is bringing you the latest insights from the best minds of Oklahoma, ensuring you're staying up to date on the important issues facing your business.

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Do you need to know the best ways to integrate AI into your business?

This event gives leaders the chance to hear from experts in the field to get insights on the things that actually impact their business, not just how interesting the latest advancements are. We hope you'll join us for an impactful event.

What People Are Saying

"Engaging, inspiring, and relevant to work and really, life in general."

"The talks on mental health and the intention imperative were very impactful. I love that I had tangible takeaways from their presentations!"

"Good investment for personal and professional growth."

"I definitely would recommend RECON to other executives. The caliber of the speakers was incredible, food was spot on, facility was welcoming, and the Kimray folks were wonderful...as usual!"

"I think any leader going to this conference would get a fresh breath of life."

"It's like a live, interactive version of Global Leadership Summit, but more intimate and very practical. The group exercises and discussions around the table are valuable as well. A great place to network and learn from others."

"Great event with valuable leaders. Great time for investment in self and other leaders."

"We all need to keep learning and growing, don't always make the time for it. A national caliber conference right in OKC!"

"It's a great opportunity to learn, refresh, and connect with other leaders who care about creating healthy workplace culture!"

"I feel it's a great way to network and recharge batteries. Steel sharpens steel. With everything going on in the world, we need these events to remind us what we are all here for as leaders."

"We will be back next year. It's a great way to refocus on your leadership."

"It's a day to get out of working in the business and instead work "on" the business. The time to step back and reflect on our leadership was extremely valuable."

"A single day dedicated to development is excellent and a perfect springboard for deeper conversations within the organization."

"I appreciate the expertise and intentionality with which this event is planned each year. Most valuable leadership event I attend all year!"

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