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The 7 Value WAYS

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  1. Illuminate the vision
  2. Nurture with encouragement
  3. Share the reward and prosperity of the company with the contributors
  4. Provide opportunities for people to grow
  5. Invest in what matters to them, both family and personal interests
  6. Respect and listen and give people a voice
  7. Establish a safe environment


  • The Backstory                                  Thomas Hill / Amy Mason
  • Talk the Talk                                     AmyK Hutchens
  • Your Place in Life                             OK Senator George Young
  • Capital Leadership                          Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
  • Lower the Ladder                            Pastor Marty Grubbs
  • Keep Walking                                   Jill Castilla                         
  • Coming Together                             Dr. Kevin Penwell
  • The Power of Our Words                Nico Gomez
  • The Magic of “We”                           Mick Cornett
  • Give Them Wings                            Dr. Heath Thomas
  • Enriching Investments                     Sarah Roberts
  • Helping Hands                                 Dr. Myron Pope
  • Diversity at the Table                      Mayor David Holt
  • More Money Than You Need          Mo Anderson
  • Tell Me a Story                                  Dr. Nathan Mellor

Monday Musings written by Thomas Hill, CEO of Kimray, Inc.


Books We Recommend

Recovering Leadership – Thomas Hill, III