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A mentoring relationship connecting established leaders with emerging leaders – focused on learning and leading with the Value Culture. Begins Aug 2022. Applications open July 1.

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Values-based, people-first leadership is more critical than ever, but executing it has never been more challenging. RECON22 will deliver the insights, tools and support you need to move forward with confidence.

Recent Articles and Posts

Obey Your Signal

I was recently in Chicago and noticed a sign mounted next to a stop light at an intersection. It read, OBEY YOUR SIGNAL. I found it interesting and ironic at the same time. I mean, if a person isn’t willing to obey the traffic signal in the first place, what impact will another sign have...
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Playing Fetch

I recently stopped by a friend’s office to see him. He was dog-sitting for his daughter, and Bo was hanging out in the office for the day. Bo had a rubber ball, and he really wanted to play fetch. There was a problem, though. Bo didn’t want to let go of the ball. He would...
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Are We There Yet?

I got to see the Killers in concert this past weekend with three of my sons. It was a great show, and it was great spending time with my sons. We drove to Ft. Worth, and I was thinking about the trips we took when they were younger and they would be impatient for us...
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Here Today, Wrong Tomorrow

Carrots don’t improve your vision; toads don’t give you warts; you use more than 10% of your brain (all of it actually); coffee won’t stunt your growth; and cracking your knuckles won’t cause arthritis. It is amazing how many things we easily believe that are not true. In fact, the less we know about something,...
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