Inspiring Transformational Change in Leaders & Corporate Culture

If you would like to be a part of a growing community of leaders – leaders who are dedicated to creating healthy workplaces and valuing employees – then it’s time to join the H. E. R. D. The Kimmell Foundation provides opportunities and resources for leaders so they can grow themselves, their organizations, and their people.

What is the H. E. R. D.?



Identifying, celebrating, and sharing stories of what is working and the creative ways companies value their people



Strengthening companies by providing tools to assess organizational health and resources for improvement in individual areas

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Working directly with leaders who are close to operating ‘in the red’ and helping them restore identity and purpose

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Educating and promoting personal growth with mentoring programs, strategic seminars, and annual leadership conferences

Engaging, inspiring, and relevant to work and really, life in general.

Good investment for personal and professional growth.

I think any leader going to this conference would get a fresh breath of life.

Great event with valuable leaders. Great time for investment in self and other leaders.

Bud Gold

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Annual breakfast providing leaders with information about the anticipated economic forecast and to answer the question, “How can I best care for my employees in this year?”

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This event is a half-day brain health symposium providing leaders with the tools to promote a culture of support and well-being in the workplace.


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One-day leadership conference designed to challenge and inspire leaders as they elevate the work experience for their teams and create a culture where people are healthy and heard.

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The Council for Organizational Health

The Council for Organizational Health is created to provide community and support for leaders. Leadership is an opportunity to impact many, and a community of leaders committed to a healthy culture can create transformational change in our generation.

Join this community of legacy leaders focused on living our best lives by helping the people in our companies and organizations live theirs.

How To Get Involved

Attend Events

Come to events to discover the transformational change possible when you actively recognize the intrinsic value of each individual.

Join The H. E. R. D.

 Connect with like-minded leaders in the Council for Organizational Health. Together we are creating a community focused on value-culture within our workplaces.

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Why the Bison?

Our mission is to create a community of leaders invested in healthy organizations. But what does that have to do with bison?

Bison need three things to be content and stay where they are. Their physical needs have to be met; they have to feel safe, and they have to feel community. The same could be said for people.

That’s why The Kimmell Foundation is building a “herd” of leaders who can help one another create communities where the people we lead are valued and cared for.

We invite you to join our H. E. R. D.