Who We Are

Inspiring Transformational Change In Leaders & Corporate Culture

The Kimmell Vision

The Kimmell Foundation believes and promotes a value culture based on the core belief that people are intrinsically valuable and that putting that belief into action will change the culture of your company, your community, and everyone in your sphere of influence.

Our Inspiration

Kimray, Inc. exemplifies the Value Culture. The Leadership at Kimray believes that people are intrinsically valuable and that belief in action created the culture of Kimray.

Our Mascot

We’d like you to meet Redbud, or “Bud” for short. Bud is an American Bison and the macot for The Kimmell Foundation for Recovering Leadership. You may be asking, “Why a bison?”

Bison need three things to be content and stay where they are: Food and Water (basic needs stuff), Safety, and Community (they don’t do well alone). Turns out we are a lot like bison that way. 

Our Team

Executive Director

  • Amy Mason

Board of Directors

  • Thomas Hill III, Chairman
  • Shad Glass, Secretary
  • Robert Greenlaw, Treasurer