Who We Are

Every leader, at one time, had a picture of what they believed leadership would be like. That picture may have included making wise decisions, being able to discern the best path for their company’s future, or safely navigating troubled times to emerge victorious. Then, somewhere along the way, that picture was replaced by the daily reality that leadership is made of continual and often exhausting effort, that every decision affects the lives of many, and that the isolation is personal and profound.

At the Kimmell Foundation, we strive to help leaders recover and recapture their picture of the greatness that can be achieved through their position. We believe this greatness is built upon knowing that all people are equally valuable. This one core belief drives everything we do. This one core belief will change the leadership journey. It is the cornerstone of thriving companies where the employee community supports and initiates ideas that drive both the success and the well-being of the company.

We invite and challenge you to join the others who are making this journey. Leave behind the picture that has become faded and irrelevant and find a new vision, fresh resolve, and a growing confidence that this value culture will bring a new life and focus to what you can and must achieve with the extraordinary gift you have been given - your position of leadership.

Our mission is to inspire transformational change in the way leaders view people, thereby creating a mindset shift in their companies and work community, which will then have a ripple effect on everyone touched by that organization.

We demonstrate how to translate this belief in a value culture into purposeful, practical, and repeatable actions, engaging your company with a new lens for viewing the world. That lens is the value culture. When you see everything and everyone through the lens of value, the ground shifts and your view is forever altered. Some say that you view people over profit and group development over personal accolades, but you will actually view the improvement of people as your profit, and the satisfaction of seeing the growth of the group will not only far surpass any pleasure you previously derived from personal accolades but will soon become your personal fulfillment.

That is the essence of recovering leadership.

What We Do

Leadership Events

We host several events throughout the year to strengthen leaders and organizations.

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Professional Development

We provide training and conversations regarding mental health, economics, community, and topics impacting the effectiveness of leadership.

Build Community

We facilitate relationships by creating a H. E. R. D. of like-minded leaders focused on healthy corporate culture.

Our Inspiration

Kimray founder Garman Kimmell

Kimray, Inc. exemplifies the Value Culture, which is why they are a major partner of the Kimmell Foundation. The Leadership at Kimray believes that people are intrinsically valuable, and that belief in action created the culture of Kimray.

Kimray was founded in 1948, by Garman Kimmell, a brilliant inventor with a heart for people. “We have a duty to the community,” Garman said.

The Kimmell Foundation, named for Garman Kimmell and founded by Kimray, Inc., strives to inspire transformational change in corporate leaders, thereby making a difference in the global community.

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Our Team


Amy Mason

Executive Director



Lori Mayhue

Executive Assistant


Our Board


Thomas Hill, III


Thomas Hill III is the author of the book, Recovering Leadership: Musings of an Addict Leader. In the book, he shares his personal story of advancing in leadership at Kimray, spinning out of control, and the long and difficult road of recovery that transformed his life and leadership.

He created the Kimmell Foundation to help others find and implement their own value culture. Thomas and his wife, Rebecca, both received their degrees from Oklahoma State University. They have been married for more than 30 years and have six children.

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Robert Greenlaw


Robert Greenlaw is Executive & Corporate Giving Administrator for Kimray. In this role, Robert serves the board of directors and CEO as they lead the company. He also manages Kimray’s corporate giving and community relationships.

Before joining Kimray in 2014, Robert was publications director for Strata Leadership and Character First Education where he developed character-based resources for teachers, parents, and students of all ages.

Robert earned a Bachelor of Business Administration & Ethics degree from Mid-America Christian University and a Master of Organizational Leadership degree from Harding University. Robert and his wife, Paula, were married in 2006 and they have three children.

Bud Red

Our Mascot, Bud

We’d like you to meet Redbud, or “Bud” for short.

Bud is an American Bison and the mascot for The Kimmell Foundation for Recovering Leadership.

Our Advisory Board

  • Ann Felton
  • David Wood
  • Farooq Karim
  • Heath Thomas
  • Jake Hillemeyer
  • Lee Roland
  • Mark Helm
  • Mick Cornett
  • Mike Roark
  • Nico Gomez
  • Nathan Mellor
  • Robert Greenlaw
  • Sarah Roberts
  • Scott Klososky
  • Sean Kouplen
  • Shad Glass
  • Steve Morrow
  • Thomas Hill, III

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