The Council for Organizational Health

The Council for Organizational Health is created to provide community and support for leaders. Leadership is an opportunity to impact many, and a community of leaders committed to a healthy culture can create transformational change in our generation.

Join this community of legacy leaders focused on living our best lives by helping the people in our companies and organizations live theirs.

As a council member, you will receive tickets for our events, an organizational health checkup, a monthly newsletter, and employee development information.

Take the Next Step

Elevate your leadership impact and become part of a community dedicated to organizational excellence. Join the Council for Organizational Health and embark on a transformative journey towards inspiring change, fostering innovation, and building a resilient and thriving organizational culture.

Our Mission

To Highlight, Enhance, Recover & Develop leaders and their organizations.


Identifying, celebrating, and sharing stories of what is working and the creative ways companies value their people.


Strengthening companies by providing tools to assess organizational health and resources for improvement in individual areas.


Working directly with leaders who are close to operating 'in the red' and helping them restore identity and purpose.


Educating and promoting personal growth with mentoring programs, strategic seminars, and annual leadership conferences.