Bison LeaderLink

A Mentoring Program Connecting Established Leaders with Emerging Leaders - Focused on Learning and Leading with the Value Culture

MENTEES – Emerging Leaders

This mentorship experience provides mentees with the opportunity to develop a relationship and gain valuable insight from their mentor, learn from their experiences, and increase their confidence when applying their value-based leadership in the workplace.

Who is considered a mentee?

Mentees may be recent college graduates, college seniors, people in the beginning stages of their career, or anyone who has moved into a leadership role and would like to be mentored.

MENTORS – Established Leaders

The experience for a mentor includes the opportunity to connect with future leaders in the workforce, reinforce their own value-based leadership expertise, gain recognition, and benefit from the fulfillment of mentoring.

Who is considered a mentor?

Mentors may have executive leadership roles within their company or may be a highly experienced individual who has demonstrated value-based leadership in their career.


This is designed to allow both the mentee and mentor to participate in the pairing. After you are accepted, your online profile will be created for other participants to see.


Once accepted, participants are invited to attend ‘Meet the Herd’ night on Sept 7th. Mentors and mentees will be able to connect over food, games, and prizes. At the end of the night, participants will submit who you would like to be paired with for the mentorship program. A list of mentors and mentees will be available online to view at any time. This program is designed to be successful both in person and online, so attendance is encouraged but not required.


Applications are due on August 24th.

The Fall 2023 LeaderLink program will begin on Sept 7th with the Meet The Herd night, and continue with individual meetings from September 2023 until April of 2024.

Pairs will meet a total of 8 times. Pairs are free to meet in person or virtually – the choice is yours. With virtual options, there are no geographical limits to who can participate in the Bison LeaderLink.

Mentors will receive content to help guide each meeting. 

QUESTIONS? Email us:

All applications are due by August 24, 2023, at 11:59pm