Happy Monday from Dubai UAE.

Last week I was in Zion National Park with 9 other business leaders for a time of rest and rebuilding. I returned home Saturday and then left Sunday for Dubai. 3 planes and about 17 hours in the air and 4 hours in airports we are here in the Middle East.

While I was in Zion one of the guys made a comment about not letting go of the “nuggets” in life.

It occurred to me that you have to slow down to even know when a nugget is happening. These two weeks are a study in the contrast between slow and fast. Last week was slow. I was able to savor every moment. Take in the beautiful views and enjoy the fellowship. This week is going to be fast. We are in a hurry, along with the rest of this part of the world. There will be lots to take in, but I will have to pay attention.

Being hurried sometimes is not a bad thing, unless it is your only thing. If you have to hurry for a day or week or even a season, that can be ok. Make sure you plan time to go slow too. Spend that time with people you want to do life with and cherish it.

Look for the “nuggets” wherever they are and don’t miss them. You may even find them when you’re going fast.