Rocky Mountain High

I write this sitting at the dining room table in a house on the side of the mountain in Breckenridge. We are on vacation. Rest. Relaxation. Family time.

This is the fifth year we have driven to Colorado with my parents to spend a week in the mountains. My father likes the cool temps and the views. We used to go to the beach (which my wife liked a LOT better, but the heat really impacts Dad.) I like climbing, hiking and running in the mountains. The kids like playing games and doing new things. We all like to eat, sleep and shop.

Time away from work and routine is critical. We need a break. God designed creation to need rest. Sleep every day. A longer break once a week. An extended break a couple times a year. He hard wired it into the cosmos. He commanded it when He gave the Israelites their “marching” orders. In fact, they were to protect the Sabbath, honor several feasts and festivals and even let the land rest on a schedule.

There are lots of studies showing the benefits of taking time off, and showing that many people don’t use their vacation days. That is one reason we changed the vacation benefit to a “use it or lose it” plan. We want team members to get away. It’s important. It matters. It makes you a better you, which means you make more of a difference at home, in your community and at Kimray.

That’s all I really have to say. If you need it to be “more”, imagine me saying it on the top of a majestic mountain, cause that’s where I’ll be.

P.S. Next Monday I’ll let you know if I am in fact rested….